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Every Media Ltd operates in the field of Web Sites building and Internet Services.
Every Media Ltd makes adhoc Web Sites and cares about post-selling support, site popularity improvement, advertising via PayPerClick, banner spreading and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
SitoOk.com uses Google SERP related to relevant keywords and Alexa Ranking to valuate built sites, their quality and the floating of website quality as time goes.

The main product, actually, is BusinessPortal, it makes customer obtain a graphic style base upon build whole the site, with capability of self creating and self editing up to endless pages, even managing external and internal links.
The Products Module adds capability to insert produts, categories and sub-categories with an endless depth and a non-limited hierarchy.
To each products the customer can assign a high resolution photo, two average resolution photos and one attachment file (technical references, pdf, html).
We are the unique and only developers of this product, so we can serve you with any kind of development, implementation and integration within BusinessPortal.
This site you are visiting is completely realized with BusinessPortal and Modules that customers may activate.

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